Strategic thinking is a crucial component in ensuring the long-term success of your business. Our young and innovative approach will give you the keys to establish a sustainable strategy. We will conduct a strategic reflection on the positioning of your business with the help of our network of students in Louvain-la-Neuve. We will develop future strategic paths to enable you to develop in the long term.

The business plan will enable you to structure and ensure the viability of your project, to convince your investors and partners, and to steer your organisation. Your business plan will have an internal and external use because it will be addressed to you, the creator of the project, as well as to your team and your future partners.

A mission of pure strategic thinking, LSM Conseil is aware that its members are the consumers of tomorrow. It is with this mentality of tomorrow’s consumers that we will develop innovative strategic paths to develop your business and make it last over time.

Analysis of the location of a new point of sale within a predetermined area that has commercial potential or data analysis in order to optimise one of the stages of your supply chain.


Marketing is a key success factor for the development of your business. LSM Conseil accompanies you throughout the entire process, both upstream in order to identify your customers or competitors, and during your advertising campaign via communication plans. Finally, LSM Conseil also offers you various studies to evaluate your reputation and your image.

Market research is marketing exploration work designed to analyze, measure and understand how the forces at work in a market actually work. Market research allows you to understand your customers, study the behaviour of your competitors, analyse your notoriety or the satisfaction of your products / services with your customers.

LSM Conseil undertakes to promote a brand or a product (or service), by means of a message or slogan, through communication media.

The communication plan is the operational and structured translation of communication actions related to a project. We will take into account the context of the project, analyse the target audience, determine the communication objectives, define the messages dedicated to the different target audiences, establish the action plan, follow up the campaign and finally evaluate and debrief the results.

Le benchmark concurrentiel est essentiel pour parfaire la stratégie de votre marque ou pour déterminer le positionnement marketing de votre offre, qu’il s’agisse d’un produit ou d’un service. Dans le cadre de cette étude de la concurrence, nous analyserons et comparerons votre offre avec celle de vos concurrents directs et/ou indirects sur base de critères pré-établis.


Thanks to its members studying management engineering as well as business management, LSM Conseil helps you to decide or operate investments (or capital) in order to obtain the highest financial value, for an appropriate level of risk.


LSM Conseil enables you to present quantified forecast statements of the activities to be carried out and the financial resources that the company must have available for this purpose. The financial plan is your permanent management tool used to monitor, control and guide the development of the company. 

LSM Conseil helps you to verify the validity of decisions made through accounting consulting projects.

B Corp

It can sometimes seem difficult to differentiate between companies that really question their operations in order to act more responsibly and those that are content to greenwash. Highly demanding and transparent, B-Corp certification is an excellent way to become an actor of change on a small or large scale as well as proving to consumers a real commitment. Its requirement is characterized by a long and tedious certification process, so that less than 15% of companies succeed in obtaining certification on the first attempt.


LSM Conseil will help you to obtain certification in 3 distinct stages. The first will consist of carrying out a social and environmental assessment of your activity through the B Corp’s key tool: Business Impact Development. The second consists of making recommendations and suggestions for improvement for the future of your business. Steps one and two will be developed in a report. Finally, LSM Conseil will establish with you an action plan defining the solutions you will implement and the solutions that LSM Conseil can develop for you.


Digital is shaking up all businesses. LSM Conseil can help you to make this transformation so that you do not miss the boat. We offer you a wide range of services from website to application.


A proper website will ensure optimal visibility for your projects. LSM Conseil offers to develop yours while advising you so that it best meets the demands of tomorrow’s consumers.

If you wish to optimise your processes by using tools adapted to your company, LSM Conseil supports you in this technological transition and enables you to implement the most efficient tools within your company.

While the best way to show your project to someone is through their smartphone, LSM Conseil offers to develop your own application so that it meets all the expectations of your future users.

Thanks to its computer science students, LSM Conseil can assist you in your most complex programming projects. Whether it is the creation of a software, the implementation of a program on a mini-computer or the debugging of your web application.

LSM Conseil can help you develop macros that enable you to process a large amount of data, extract and process data from your company’s ERP system or carry out other more complex requests in the field of data analysis and Big Data.

In order to increase your productivity in the realization of your projects, LSM Conseil selects the technological tools that will best suit your needs while taking into account the constant evolution of digital alternatives.



The engineering department is composed entirely of engineering students. LSM Conseil offers companies the opportunity to develop the technical aspect of their projects, either by helping them through the development of their products, or by conducting various studies to evaluate them.


In a continuous quest for creativity and innovation, LSM Conseil helps you to study the feasibility of your projects in all fields of engineering.

Having access to many UCLouvain infrastructures, LSM Conseil can help you to create all types of prototypes for your most innovative projects: robots, automated mechanisms, 3D printing, connected sensors…

If you want to optimize a manufacturing process, a prototype or a program installed on a mini-computer, you can call on our junior company.

Legal advice

We call upon law students to provide you with a wide range of legal advice. We assist you in the drafting of your contracts, franchises, estimates and lease agreements. We also guide you through all the legal aspects of setting up your business.

An extraordinary project ?

For any other request that would be out of the ordinary, you should also contact LSM Conseil. The youth of our consultants will bring the necessary enthusiasm and freshness to your extraordinary project. Let’s get in touch.