The concept

LSM Conseil is a student consulting firm providing services in many fields of expertise such as strategy, marketing, engineering, IT or legal advice. This junior company is attached to the Catholic University of Louvain and is composed of 50 students who work continuously with passion. Leader in Belgium and renowned in Europe, LSM Conseil strives to combine rigour with excellence, creativity with innovation and added value with customer satisfaction.

Junior Enterprises (JE) are non-profit associations with an educational objective. Operating as real companies, they are exclusively managed by students with the support of academic authorities and provide multinationals, SMEs, institutions and individuals with a variety of services in a professional context. Thus, through their career path, as well as through the many workshops and training courses given by their partners, Junior Entrepreneurs develop skills that can not be acquired on the audience benches.

The 15 Belgian Junior Enterprises are grouped together in JE Belgium, the Federation of Belgian Junior Enterprises. Its mission is on the one hand to promote the concept of Junior Enterprises, both within universities to encourage the creation of new JEs, and with the media and the political or academic world. On the other hand, JE Belgium supports the JEs by carrying out an annual internal audit, and organising national events, which bring together Junior Entrepreneurs and encourage them to share their knowledge.

JE Belgium is the Belgian component of JE Europe, the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises. Bringing together more than 330 JEs and 28,000 students from 15 different countries, JE Europe’s mission is to support, develop and promote the JEs movement in Europe. For members, the most visible aspect is the different events organised during the year, such as the Summer JE Meeting, or the JE Spring Conference which takes place in Brussels, where the JEs compete for the JE Excellence Awards for the best JEs of the past year.

Elsewhere in the world, Junior Enterprises also exist in Brazil, Canada and North Africa, as well as in the United States and China. LSM Conseil has developed partnerships with several JEs who are among the best in their country, such as JEME Bocconi in Milan or ESCadrille in Toulouse, which was awarded the Best JE of the Year by JE Europe in 2016. Regular contacts promote cooperation on various projects and the exchange of good practices.

In partnership with

As a leading player in the strategy consulting sector, McKinsey & Company helps its clients solve problems ranging from strategy to operations, marketing and sales in industries as diverse as financial institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, telecommunications, the public sector and high technology.

Our history

  • Creation

    Creation of IAG Junior Conseil, initially offering consulting services in strategy, marketing and communication.

  • Rebranding

    IAG Junior Conseil changes its name to LSM Conseil. Since then, it has continued to grow and become a key player in the field of consulting.

  • LSM Cup

    The first edition of what will become the largest CSR-oriented Business Game in Europe is taking place. The LSM Cup is entirely organized by LSM Conseil.

  • Engineering Business Unit

    A new department is created: the Engineering Business Unit (EBU). New perspectives of engineering and IT consulting are taking shape.

  • Innovation Cup

    The Innovation Cup is a competition launched by LSM Conseil and UStart to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among students.

  • 2 European awards

    The Junior Enterprise receives the titles of “Most Entrepreneurial Junior Enterprise” and “Most Socially Responsible Project”. LSM Conseil thus becomes the most successful JE in Europe in 2017.

  • 250 participants at the LSM Cup

    More than 250 students are participating at the 2018 CUP’s edition, demonstrating again the scale of the event and making it the largest CSR-oriented Business Game in Europe.

  • Most entrepreneurial JE in Europe

    LSM Conseil is elected the most entrepreneurial JE 2018 by JE Europe.

  • Best JE in Belgium

    For the second consecutive year, LSM Conseil has been elected best Junior Enterprise in Belgium by JE Belgium.

  • ISO 9001

    ISO 9001: 2015 certification. This standard is awarded to us and reflects the rigour of our services and our quality management system.

  • 25th anniversary

    LSM Conseil celebrates its 25th anniversary, but above all, a quarter of a century of good and loyal service to its clients. A moment shared with current members, alumni, partners but also with faithful customers.

  • Quality Management

    Following the achievement of the ISO 9001 standard, a new department is created to monitor all processes and ensure the knowledge management of the JE.

Our Values

Our assets

Our quality policy

As a Junior Enterprise, we assign particular importance to the quality of our projects. Our mission is to provide a unique professional experience to our members and this is done by ensuring a high degree of professionalism and commitment within our projects.

In order to achieve these objectives, we have created a quality department that is responsible for managing project monitoring, developing knowledge management within the JE and complying with all the criteria concerning the ISO9001 standard.

This year, the concrete quality objectives are the optimization of the QMS (Quality Management System) in order to optimize all processes, the clarification of the roles of each party during a project (PL, QA and CD), the achievement of any non-compliance with the ISO9001 audit and above all the transition from a QMS to a TQM (Total Quality Management) which would prove the involvement of all members in this exceptional quality objective.

You can find more information about our quality by reading our quality policy.

Our partners

The Louvain School of Management, whose slogan is “Excellence and ethics in business”, trains the leaders of tomorrow by organizing many different Master‘s degrees in Management, particularly in Management Science, and Business Engineering. The school has the EQUIS quality label (recognition of the best Business Schools) and was ranked 22nd best management school in the world and 1st in Belgium by the Financial Times in 2011.

The École Polytechnique de Louvain provides training for the engineers and computer scientists of the future. Thanks to these many options and Masters, his students are prepared to face all the problems of our world, by developing their spirit of synthesis, reflection and ingenuity. Young graduates of the faculty can thus secure many jobs and invest their talent and knowledge in building a better world.

The J7 is a network composed by the 7 most promising Junior Enterprises in Europe. It therefore brings together JE from England (Westminster Business Consultants), Germany (Company Consulting Team), Italy (JEME Bocconi), Belgium (LSM Conseil), Poland (Conquest Consulting), France (Escadrille Toulouse) and Switzerland (Junior Enterprise Geneva) with the objective of pooling their knowledge and expertise to carry out projects within a broader European framework. More information on the “International” page.

Junior CentraleSupélec was created in 2017 and is the result of the merger between Junior Supélec Stratégie (J2S) and Junior Centrale-Etudes (JCE). This merger (the largest in the history of Junior-Enterprises) allows JCS to establish itself as a professional and experienced junior from the very beginning. Thanks to the advanced technical training provided at CentraleSupélec in fields such as IT, energy or data, JCS provides high-level services for all types of customers. JCS was elected Best Junior Enterprise in Europe in 2019 and 2020. More information on the “International” page.

Created in February 2016 by a dozen UCL law students and awarded several national and European titles, the LLN juris club is now composed of more than forty motivated and talented volunteer students. This association has two main objectives: to make justice more accessible and to provide law students with practical experience. The LLN Juris Club provides legal advice to students, individuals and companies.

LJE wants to encourage young people to activate their entrepreneurial potential so that they can become actors in economic, social and cultural development. Through its various programs, young people develop soft skills and hard skills that cannot be learned in school. Indeed, the association allows young people to put a first foot in the professional world by supporting them through the creation of mini-enterprises.

Statista is an online portal offering statistics from institutes, market and opinion research as well as data from the economic sector. It includes more than 1,000,000 statistics on more than 80,000 different topics. The platform provides us with official statistics to help us carry out our projects.

#plantyourbusinesstree is an Alliance Centre BW initiative aimed to reduce the greenhouse gases. The idea is to act and build a forest conservation project together.
Companies can reduce their carbon footprint and make a good action for the planet by funding tree planting for various projects. A geographically close project to LSM Conseil is the development of an urban forest in the Axis Parc in Louvain-La-Neuve. A lot of other projects are also going on all over the world.
LSM Conseil supports this initiative and participates to #plantyourbusinesstree for their values and commitments in the fight for a better world !