The engineering department is entirely composed of civil engineering students. LSM Conseil offers companies development of the technical aspect of their projects, either by helping them through the development of their products, or by conducting various studies to evaluate them.

LSM Conseil has already carried out several projects in the field of numerical simulation and modelling, using software such as MATLAB® or Robotran®. We can help you to analyse the feasibility of highly complex (electro)mechanical projects.

Having access to many services within UCLouvain, LSM Conseil can help you build many prototypes for the most innovative projects: Computer models, welding, 3D printing…

We develop a large number of electronic parts and components for the most complex projects. We print the electronic circuits you need and develop the related computer programs.

Through its contacts with biomedical engineers and the faculty of bio-engineers, LSM Conseil can develop a large number of projects related to biomedical engineering.

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Digital technology is challenging all companies. LSM Conseil supports you in this transformation so that you do not miss the boat. We offer a wide range of services from website to mobile apps.

LSM Conseil already has extensive experience in mobile application development, both on iOS and Android. We support you from the beginning to develop the structure of the application and its design, up to its online launch and marketing.

We can help you develop a modern and professional website. From the simple WordPress site to more complex structures (html, css, javascript…), LSM Conseil adapts its offer to your request and supports you in the management of your new site.

LSM Conseil can help you develop macros that allow you to process a large amount of data, extract and process data from your company’s ERP or make other more complex requests in the field of data analysis and Big Data.

LSM Conseil supports you in the optimization of your website, by analyzing its structure and proposing many ways to improve it so that it can be better referenced.

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Marketing is a key success factor for your company. LSM Conseil supports you throughout the entire process, both upstream in order to identify your customer and competitors, and during your advertising campaign. Finally, LSM Conseil also offers you various studies to evaluate your reputation and brand image.

Market research measures consumer expectations and provides a better understanding of the market. The objective of such a study is to evaluate the viability of your project and determine the marketing strategy to adopt to develop it.

The satisfaction survey outlines the expectations of your current customers. It allows you to learn more about the elements that your customers appreciate, as well as to detect possible points of frustration among them. This study identifies areas for improvement for your company.

The communication plan is the synthesis of your communication strategy. It gives you various tips on how to communicate, as well as the message to get across to your consumers.

The location study allows you to answer the question of the location of your activity. It allows the following questions to be answered: Do potential customers often come? To what extent is competition implemented? What challenges will my business face?

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Strategic thinking is a crucial component to ensure the long-term success of your company. With a young look and with the help of databases from the Université Catholique de Louvain, LSM Conseil gives you the keys to establish a sustainable strategy.

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We employ law students to provide you legal advice. We help you in the drafting of your contracts, franchises, quotations and lease agreements. We also guide you through all the legal aspects of setting up your company.

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Our working method

First appointment

After a first contact, we meet with you to determine your needs. Then we will send you a personalized offer.


After the first appointment, we send you a commercial offer summarizing your request and our working method.


The different phases of the project are carried out.


When the project is finished, we hold a closing meeting to present you the outcomes.


After the delivery of the deliverable, we will contact you again to review the operation of the deliverable and your satisfaction.

They trusted us

“As co-CEO and co-founder of Exki, I called upon the services of LSM Conseil for a strategic mission. Throughout the project, the LSM Conseil team completely satisfied our management committees. Indeed, LSM Conseil perfectly understood our demand, managed to involve the various members of Exki in the mission and demonstrated a high level of professionalism. Moreover, the project leaders have clearly explained their outcomes to our staff and the work achieved has fulfilled our expectations.”

Frédéric Rouvez, co-CEO

“We have decided to call on LSM Conseil for a study in the field of energy on the Belgian market. We were pleasantly surprised by the experience. Indeed, throughout the collaboration, their members have demonstrated a very high level of professionalism and have provided us with results that meet our expectations.”

Pascal Hillewaert, Energy Services

“Deloitte relied on the service of LSM Conseil in the context of a project about a specific recruitment strategy. I was very impressed by the professional approach, the responsive and clear communication of the Project Leader and his team. The outcomes were very useful for our team. In fact, we took into account the advices given by LSM Conseil in the scope of our talent projects. My team and I were definitely satisfied by the excellent work and results of this collaboration.”

Elien Bollen, Campus Recruitment

“L’Oréal called on LSM Conseil to market a new range of 100% bi-logical products for hair salons. In order to help our sales representatives in the field, we needed a roadmap adapted to this type of product. After defining the methodology with us, the Project Leader and his team were responsible for collecting the data from our target customers. At no time during the project did we have the impression that we were dealing with students, we were dealing with real flexible and professional consultants. The final result was perfectly in line with our expectations and we were very satisfied with the work done.”

Bart Dewandeleen, Marketing Manager